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What can I say? Tough titties.

These 80s-era vintage pieces might have been hand-stitched at Rajneeshpurum by the original red onesie queen: Ma Anand Sheela. Maybe not. Add a little swagger to your step in this two-tone-two-faced dark red and teal print. The hood makes this style extra bold for all the Oshos and Sheelas out there ready to comfortably commune with nature and mega art cars. Order a matching set of stretchy unisex onesies for your entire Burning Man camp of women, men, and friends of the Rajneeshees . Or for you and your pimps! Had a bad salad? Make a run for the port-o-pottys and use the pee zip for quick access.

Both models are wearing Medium
Male model is 6'0"
Female model is 5'2"

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The onesies stretch horizontally, up to 60% wider than their resting form. Some people prefer sizing up one or even two sizes larger than their measurements for a loose, loungey feel, which works well in desert-like conditions. 

Size Belt Inseam Chest
L 34" 20.5" 40"
M 31" 19.5" 34"
S 28" 19" 32"
XS 27" 18" 30"



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