Isn't it tough to pee in a onesie?
It's actually pretty easy to pee in a onesie, you just do it! But peeing out of a onesie is a challenge, so we've installed a strategically placed zipper to help you do your thingy without having to take off the whole thingy.

Do you ship outside the US?
Not yet, but we really want to! Until we can ship to more countries and planets, we recommend asking a friend in the US to place an order for you. Join our mailing list of not-too-frequent messages and be the first to know.

Where are these onesies made?

The onesies are in San Francisco by workers who are paid a fair wage in safe working conditions.

I'm not sure how I'll look in these onesies. Do you have a return policy?

Yes!  we want to you to feel happy and love the way you look. Read about the 2-week Return Policy and drop us a line on Facebook or instagram if you need help choosing a pattern or size. We love this stuff!

Can I sell your onesies in my store or festival booth?

Yes!We love colorful stores and festivals for men, women, and all friends of the rainbow. Write to Atish at icecream@peculiarcolors.com. drop us a line via our contact form to see if we can arrange something.

Can you feature me? 

We love showboating our Peculiar Colors friends trying something new or doing something unique, fun and colorful. Tag  @peculiar_colors or #peculiarcolors on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll follow up from there!

I like ice cream!
We do too. Tell us about a new flavor of ice cream you want to try at icecream@peculiarcolors.com We read every email.